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“Learning while eating?” sounds good, works too.

What better way to whet the appetite for knowledge with food?

With Dun & Bradstreet Lunch and Learn, we seek to impart relevant skill sets and knowledge to your employees efficiently. "No time, no manpower" - song sung from the same hymn sheet of many companies. The Lunch and Learn strives to work within the limitations of your organisation to cater to your training requirements. We even offer on-the-go training for maximum convenience. Think of us as the food truck of knowledge.

Check out our list of programs:

(Click on them to explore the course outlines)

Female Lecturer

Bring out the inner 'TED-talk speaker' in you using tricks of the trade appropriate for you.

Typing on Computer

Writing well often entails avoiding the perusal of superfluous vocabulary in pompous proportions in modern hieroglyphics.

Business Team

Improve problem resolution using renewed perspective and unconventional strategies.

Be MacGyver. 

Shaking Hands

Adaptive negotiation drives fruitful discussions and results by applying the right techniques at the right time. Know the stuffs to derive a win-win.

Meetup Event

Emotional Quotient goes beyond being amicable and friendly, but establishing valuable relationships in the workplace.

Business Organization

Effective appraisal is important to set attainable and realistic goals that will be mutually beneficial for employers and employees.

And more - Click here to view a comprehensive list.
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