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Been in a situation where a seemingly in-your-face solution obvious to you - somehow evades the person in question?

We provide consultancy services to help organizations determine the relevant and appropriate 'best practices' to employ. Utilising our functional expertise - we conceive strategies unique to your organisational structure and culture. 


Due to some forms of management myopia, a different outlook is often key to identifying obvious pain points that are otherwise unapparent. Our role in your quest to improve organisational performance is simple, we provide an insightful outsider's perspective to introduce impactful training strategies for your organisation.

consultation we provide:

The GRASP™ Method integrates various innovation tools such as design thinking, behavioral 

insights, lean processing, Scrum and Scramper.

GRASP™ essentially focuses on the “how” of things – to put methods into practice and demystify the innovation and problem-solving process for the layman.

Witness how the tool can be employed to conceive practical solutions to address organisational pain points and problems.

Ground sensing

Root cause




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