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To support business owners as we tread deeper into the digital realm, Microsoft and Check Point are delivering a 'Best Practices for Cloud Migration: Making Security the Cloud Enabler' seminar safely (and comfortably) to you through a joint online webinar on 8 December 2020, 3.00pm to 4.00pm (SGT, GMT+08:00). Save the date.

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Cloud Migration Best Practices:

Making Security the Cloud Enabler

The COVID-19 pandemic was the impetus for many businesses to embark on digital transformation as they were compelled by strict guidelines to pivot their infrastructure to remain operable. However, some remain resistant to change as notorious data breaches plague the  headlines every so often. The need for proper data storage and security is only going to get more prominent.


So how do you ensure that your business is fully integrated with a data infrastructure that allows both data agility and security? Beyond that, how can your business ensure it abides by ever-changing federal compliance standards? 


Join us for a complimentary but comprehensive webinar covering best practices for digital transformation, perks of employing a cloud platform and tips on how you should enforce and maintain data security guidelines in your company.

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What is covered?

Data Integrity

How can businesses ensure visibility, agility and security of the data and infrastructure?

Infrastructural Hurdles

What are the major architectural challenges for cloud migration and getting around them?

Ensuring Compliance

How to enforce security posture and compliance with constantly evolving regulatory requirements?

The Speakers

Mr Anil Malekani

Mr Anil Malekani is an Advanced Security Architect, with the Security Architect team at Microsoft Singapore. Anil and his team has assisted many businesses in conducting digital transformations and have successfully converted businesses to be fully-operable on cloud platforms.


With over twelve years of experience in the security and mobile productivity field, Anil has worked with clients from a large variety of industries – ranging from Finance, Healthcare to IT enabled services. Armed with these experiences, Anil has been working closely with customers and partners on their security and compliance journey at Microsoft. With his dedication to providing the most compressive cloud solutions to clients, he has clinched a Global Blackbelt for Hybrid and Multi-cloud Security solutions at Microsoft.

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Mr. Dean Houari

Mr. Dean Houari is the DevSecOps architecture leader at Check Point Software Singapore. He is a patent awarded technologist with over two decades of experience at Fortune 10 companies pursuing development, operations and cloud native architecture with DevOps companies, CICD, Kubernetes, containers and serverless security.


Dean has held various engineering and architecture leadership roles in leading the architecture and development of DevOps, cloud and security initiatives and innovation. Dean holds a patent with Cisco Systems, CCIE, Terraform, AWS certifications and attended Carnegie Mellon University. He is also a powerlifting enthusiast with a total of 660kg.

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  • Webinar will be hosted on Microsoft Teams.

  • Participants are required to download and login to their Microsoft account before the webinar begins.

  • Session will open 15min before the webinar starts.

  • All questions for the Q&A sessions are to be posted on the chat window.



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